Men's Next-Gen Straps

The Ultimate Back Builder

Men’s Weightlifting Hooks

  • The best thing about lifting hooks is that unlike straps, they really take the whole load off your grip.
  • Most people immediately see a jump in weights – image what an extra 20 pounds does on your deadlift – huge.
  • The weight is distributed past your forearms and grip and into your larger back muscles for better contraction


Imagine having a grip that doesn't give out.


Somewhere in the world right now, a barbell is dropping a few reps short of failure and someone's shaking out their burning forearms. They're our weak link and they cheat us of those extra few reps. It doesn't mean that we all have weak forearms - they're just so much smaller than the posterior chain muscles we're usually training when they give out. Lifting hooks also allow you to relax you're grip and drive the weight into your back muscles. The contraction is totally different - and if you're into bodybuilding and aesthetics it establishes a mind muscle connection with your back that that you've never felt before. That, coupled with an immediate increase in weight from a grip that doesn't give out challenges your posterior chain in whole new way. After a couple of months of consistent use, many lifters see a noticeable difference in size and shape. If you feel like straps aren't doing it for you, these will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these help with tendonitis?

Yes - tendonitis, golfers elbow, and arthritis have all been pain points for our customers who experience a benefit from using hooks to take the strain off the arm and wrist and put it onto larger back muscles. We've also had amputees and athletes with various injuries use these lifting hooks as a solution to allow them to get to the gym.

Do these fit men and women?

These are better suited for men, we sell a women's pair separately that fit smaller wrists and are lighter in the hand. These are heavy duty.

How much weight do they hold?

These will hold up to 600 lbs. with no problem. They were designed with heavy deadlfits and shrugs in mind! We use extremely strong nylon with re-enforced stitching. Thick neoprene distributes the weight and pads the wrist for comfort.