The cure to skinny quads and calves.


Ultimate Leg Builder

  • Thick, flexible fabric expands and contracts comfortably with each rep without losing pressure on venous return
  • Sold as a pair
  • Ergonomic fingerloops help you easily adjust to optimal pressure
  • Fully adjustable fit for any leg size up to 33″ in circumference
  • Great additional to your gym bag if you’re serious about programming in BFR for quads, hamstrings, and calves


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Nothing looks better than a well-proportioned physique.


If you're doing everything you can to grow your legs and nothing is happening, try using our lower body cuffs to add in some occlusion training without spending a ton of extra time in the gym. If you're the type of person that likes to do things the "right" way, these will keep you from messing around with knee wraps. You can apply them in one wrap around the leg and adjust them with the built in finger loops.

“We’re conducting research on occlusion training at Virginia Tech using Lifting Lab’s bands. These are the most comfortable, easy to use, and the material is top notch. I’ve tried them all.”  

Dr. Ralph Cornwell

Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Virginia Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blood Flow Restriction Training Safe?

Despite it's outward appearance, studies actually show that in the general population and even in injured recovering populations of people, blood flow restriction training appears to be relatively safe and beneficial. There are certain conditions where it should be avoided - if you have deep vein thrombosis, high blood pressure, are pregnant, or have extremities with varicose veins. We are not medical doctors and you responsible for speaking with your physician, exercising caution, and using this program and these accessories at your own discretion when implementing BFR training for competitive sports or rehab purposes.

What about blood clots?

This is another example of how occlusion training can often be counter-intuitive (right there alongside consistent strength gains even with very light weight). Even though vascluar occlusion of blood flow seems like a clot waiting to happen, a handful of studies have proven it to be a relatively safe training method in terms of hemodynamics. This study showed increases in strength without altering vascular function in healthy participants. In fact, it actually showed that it increased fibrinolytic activity, the breakdown of coagulative products which would typically cause clots. Even though BFR training appears to be perfectly safe, you should always check with your physician before engaging in a new exercise program such as this one.

What's your refund policy on the bands?

If you receive a pair of cuffs that doesn't fit or appears to be defective, we'll simply replace them for you. We also offer a 30 day money back gaurantee on the upper and lower body cuffs, so if blood flow restriction training isn't your thing simply get in touch with us and we'll get you taken care of.