Don't let a weak grip hold you back.

Women’s Weightlifting Hooks

  • Take the wear and tear off of your hands as you supplement your grip strength
  • Fully adjustable (they come as a pair)
  • Will fit around standard barbells, dumbbells, and machine attachments like lat pulldown bars
  • Rubber coatings eliminate pinched fingers and slipping on the weight 


"I can lift 245 on a hex bar which I could never do without the hooks. They make all the difference, it's like a dream!"

Jill Frank

Mother of Six, 48 years old

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these help with elbow tendonitis?

Yes - tendonitis, golfers elbow, and arthritis have all been pain points for our customers who experience a benefit from using hooks to take the strain off the arm and wrist and put it onto larger back muscles. We've also had amputees and athletes with various injuries use these lifting hooks as a solution to allow them to get to the gym.

How much weight will they hold?

These will hold up to 400 lbs - for more capacity our men's hooks may be a better fit (sold separately). Unless you're a competitive powerlifter these will help with increased grip strength, protection from callused hands, and better back isolation.

Do these fit men and women?

These will fit both men and women but they are better suited for smaller wrists on women and kids. The metal we use isn't quite as thick make them lighter in the palm.